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Dear Prospective Student:

Thank you for your interest in our Taxidermy School!

Taxidermy is a creative, profitable and exciting career that can combine your love of hunting, fishing and outdoors with a marketable skill. Opportunities for well trained Taxidermists are now better than ever. Because of new techniques, product Breakthroughs and space-age materials, the quality of taxidermy has risen to new heights. The average professional taxidermist is a year behind in his/her work. Taxidermy is now being recognized as a 3-D art form, thus broadening the interest and demand by the general public. Some outstanding pieces have sold for as high as $100,000 to date. Most established taxidermists would fall into incomes ranging between $25,000 and $200,000.

At Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc., after just 13 weeks of intensive training, you will know how to organize a taxidermy studio, how to set up price structures and develop operating procedures to form the basis for a thriving business. Picture yourself being your own boss and having your own business.

Let me explain what kind of profit potentials you can achieve doing taxidermy. I will use actual examples of prices currently being used here at Northwoods Taxidermy School.

(Birds) Ringneck Pheasant: I charge $250.00 with only $30 going towards mounting supplies, which leaves me with a net profit on the mounting of $220.00. Based on doing only one per 8 hour work day, (2 is possible) gives me an hourly rate of over $27.00.

(Fish): $12.00 per inch is charged here at our taxidermy school. A 20 inch trout, which would gross $240.00, leaves me with a net profit of $210.00 with only $30.00 into mounting supplies. You can expect to mount at least 2 fish in an 8 hour work day once you become proficient, which would mean over $52.00 an hour.

(Game Heads) White-tailed Deer. We charge $465 per head. Of this amount $85.00 is all that goes towards mounting and tanning supplies, giving us a net profit of $380.00 per deer head. The proficient taxidermist can average at least one head per 8 hours work day, making $47.50 an hour.

Other Price formulas are structured for the mounting of life-size and rugs, based on the species and type of base work. (Remember, the supply costs are minimal.) Taxidermists are paid for their time they put into producing their work of art.

Based on these prices it would take only 10 birds, 10 fish, and 10 deer heads to more than cover the expense, or pay back the total cost of training here at Northwood Institute of Taxidermy. With quality work, good advertising and promotions, the beginning taxidermist should expect to triple that amount his very first year in business with a very good possibility for achieving much more.

Full time professional taxidermists can take in upwards of 100 deer heads or more per season alone. Then add to that number game such as bear, sheep, elk, moose, caribou, and antelope. Not to mention waterfowl, upland birds, turkeys, small game, fish and large life-size etc. The profit potential is very good indeed!

Once you have become a proficient taxidermist, there are many doors that can open to you to further your career. A lot of good taxidermists look into other avenues of income. Museum work, judging taxidermy competitions, opening their own supply companies, and teaching at a school are just some of the doors open to good taxidermists. Taxidermy is an interesting and very exciting career for an avid hunter/fisherman.

Come see why Northwood is the best choice for your taxidermy education. A FREE tour may be arranged at your convenience with no obligation. Just call the school or email us to set up a time for your visit.

Looking forward to receiving your application soon !

Thank you for choosing Northwood Institute of Taxidermy, Inc.


Joel North Zimmerman, Director

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